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Three Fun Arkansas Adventures for Fall 2020

As the autumn air begins to creep down from the Ozark Mountains, Arkansans are transitioning from long days spent on the lake to welcoming the seasonal fanfare of pumpkin spice lattes and bonfires. Fall ushers in a special opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in our Natural State that is sure to cultivate lifelong memories. Here are three of our top Arkansas destinations to consider as we commence the harvest season.


Thousands of on-and-off road travelers flock to Arkansas during the fall to enjoy the nationally envied roads that weave in-and-out of the mountains. Whether you are saddled on horseback, ATV, or motorcycle, the seemingly infinite routes guarantee every trip is unique and memorable.

Hidden among the winding scenic loops are family-owned shops that are stocked full of locally sourced produce and Arkansas made products. We highly recommend adding the Vilonia Farmer’s Market to your itinerary. This is a producer’s market offering seasonal fruit, vegetables, nuts, honey, meat, and other homemade products such as baked goods, jams, and jellies.


One of the great things about Arkansas agritourism is the family-centric atmosphere that many local farmers incorporate into their business model. Because of the hard work and generosity of these Arkansas farmers, the great pastime of pumpkin picking has lasted for generations across the state. Come fall, many growers open their fields to parents and children alike who delight at finding the perfect pumpkin to take home. As an added bonus, most locations have a variety of other services to complement the visit.

Visit our members list here to find the closest pumpkin patch to you!


Who said adults can’t have a good time, too? The flavors of fall are coming to many of the Arkansas breweries across the state. If you consider yourself a craft beer connoisseur, this may be the highlight of the season. Microbreweries exist in every corner of Arkansas and offer a wide palette of tastes that can only be experienced locally. Whether you are crawling the Fayetteville Ale Trail, making your rounds at the Little Rock breweries, or discovering a new craft beer outfit in rural Arkansas, you will be rewarded.

Norfork Brewing Company is one of many regional Arkansas breweries that has garnered a loyal following. Their variety of flavors epitomize the spirit of Arkansas! Specifically, the Woodsman Pilsner is made from the yeast of the wild Paw Paw fruit that is only found in Norfolk, Arkansas. After a year of research and testing, Norfork Brewing Company created this unique, fun, fruity beer that truly demonstrates why 70% of the flavor of a beer is in the yeast. Try one or all of these brews next time you visit:

  • Ez Ryder Lager
  • Woodsman Pilsner
  • Black Oak Stout