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Wild Ozark is a Nature Farm. We grow rocks, ginseng, and ginseng habitat companions.

Rocks (

I harvest our rocks, bone, clay and a couple of plants to make pigments. These pigments are what goes into my handmade watercolor paints. My paintings and pigments are available online through the Wild Ozark shop.

I'm also happy to hold an impromptu pop-up art show, if you're going to be passing through Kingston and are interested in seeing any of my original art. Prints, stationery, and pigments are always available online. People usually want to see the original works in person before making a decision.

Ginseng (

Our wild-simulated American ginseng is grown in natural habitat.

Ginseng seedlings, goldenseal, bloodroot and other habitat companions are available for direct pick up from the nursery May-November, by appointment. Mail orders (bare root) ships Oct. - November.

We have a Ginseng Habitat Demonstration Garden, free to the public by appointment. Visit the website to learn more about that. You're welcome to come out and learn hands-on about this endangered medicinal native plant.

  • email for appointment to see habitat garden:
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Point of Sale

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We also sell in...

Pop-up market at the Kingston Square by request (for artwork), Meet-up for pick-up at the Kingston Square by appointment (plants).

Arkansas Grown Products

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Harvest Dates

Ginseng, goldenseal, bloodroot: May through June (seedlings potted), September through October (bare-root)Nature Art: year round ( Kettle Shagbark Hickory Syrup: year round (

Hours of Operation

Nursery and Ginseng Habitat Garden open by appointment any day except Saturdays from May through October. To set an appointment, email

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