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U-Pick operation in all varieties, table Grapes and wine Grapes. Whole sales to public and grocers. Table grape varieties include: Venus - Approx. harvest time is July 20th. - August 6th-Purple, medium sized grape, very sweet, considered seedless but does have some soft seed traces. Reliance- Approx. harvest time is July 20th. - August 6th-Pink, small grape, very sweet and seedless. Mars - Approx. harvest time is August 6th. - 20th-Medium to large grape with reddish tint, very good flavor and seedless. Wine grape varieties include: Ives - Approx. harvest time is August 15th - 20th-Small, dark, medium sized seeded grape, very sweet. Niagara - Approx. harvest time is August 20th- 25th-White grape, seeded, nice aroma and sweet. Cynthiana - Approx. harvest time August 25th - September 5th-Dark grape, seeded, usually used for wine only.

Point of Sale

On Farm Sales, Pick-Your-Own Operation, Wholesale

Program Type
Arkansas Grown Products

Agritourism, Grapes

Harvest Dates

July 20th. thru. September 1st.

Hours of Operation

Call for times of operation, Usually 6am - 10am, or call for your private time in evening.

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